Powerlineblog.com By Tom Donelson

Founded in 2002, Powerlineblog has consistently been one of the best conservative blogs and gained recognition for its role in covering Killian documents story related to George W. Bush service in Texas National Guard services which ended Dan Rather role with CBS as much of the data presented by CBS. Uncovered proved to be false.  Time Magazine named Powerline Blog

IMG_9929-e1442700557818Scott Johnson

The original writers were Minnesota lawyers, Scott Johnson and John Hinderaker plus Paul Mirengoff, Washington DC lawyer. Mirengoff left in 2011 and replaced by Steven Hayward but a year later, Mirengoff rejoined the staff to complete the present writer staff.

steven_hayward Steve Hayward

What makes Powerlineblog interesting is its sharp writing and the writers’ ability to write on a variety of issues. Pieces on climate change are some of the best journalism on the subject as they review the latest research and unlike a good portion of the MSM journalists writing on the subject, these gentlemen actually read the science and understand it.

height.182.no_border.width.320 Paul Mirengoff

Scott Johnson has been the first to warn America of the danger poised by Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison and detailed much of his early career that Minnesota media as well as much of the National media has ignored like his position on law enforcement, his support for open borders on immigration, his real relationship with Louis Farrakhan and reviewing charges against Ellison of sexual abuse.

Scott Johnson and former law partner John Hinderaker written on other issues including dealing with income inequality, tax reforms, affirmative action and welfare reform and both fellows of Claremont Institute. John Hinderaker is presently the President of Center for American Experiment.

johnh John Hinderaker

Steven Hayward is a scholar with a long lists of accomplishments including two excellent books on Reagan and Paul Mirengoff, like the others, often writes about a variety of subject and some of their best writings deals with sports including international soccer and historical sports moment featuring great moments in baseball.  They have occasion even written on boxing and it is evident that they understand the sport.

What Powerlineblog is not is boring and worth a daily viewing by any conservative.  And throughout the 2016 election, they took Trump serious as a candidate and unlike many conservatives, they didn’t automatically went Never Trumpers during the 2016 primary and while they may not always like the tone of Trump, they have defended his policies.

The most fun is the week in pictures in which Powerlineblog uses picture with memes to mocked the latest left craziness and always include a picture defending the second amendment.   Powerlineblog needs to be read by any concern conservatives.



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