Redskins, Colin Kaepernick, and the End of Jay Gruden Era

Jay Gruden era will not be officially over until after the season is over but it is unofficially over.  When the Giants, the New York Football Giants, had a 34-0 lead at halftime, my first thought was how does a team with a shot at the playoff be this unprepared to play?  Part of the problem was injuries but if there was a team they should be beat that would be the Giants and their best receiver, Odell Beckman, Jr. wasn’t even playing.  The game ended when Sanchez threw his first of two picks that came back for a touchdown, the players knew they weren’t going to score and the defense simply gave up.  The whole team did or they did until the fourth quarter when Josh Johnson racked up 240 yards by himself, threw on touchdown and ran for another.

Watching this and the first thought was this what the Redskins offense would have looked like if Kaepernick was playing.  A running quarter back who would give the depleted offensive line a break and maybe make a few plays to keep the defense off the field.  I am not fan of Kaepernick activism and to quote John Lennon, “You won’t make it with anyone anyway if you keep carrying pictures of Chairman Mao” and that decribes Kaepernick who once showed up in Miami in a Fidel Castro T-shirt.  Needless to say, the Dolphins passed on him and signed Jay Cutler instead.  Not that they benefited from Cutler but better than explaining to many of Dolphins fan base that you signed some, commie loving, Castro loving player.

Redskins could have signed him and they wouldn’t be worse off than they are now.  Fans wants victories and a franchise starved for a playoff spot, it would have been worth the effort to sign him and if he flopped, so what.  You gave it your best shot but Sanchez flopped and now Skins are out of the playoff spot.  A season that four weeks ago was looking magical is now over.


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