Alvarez wins over Jacobs

Daniel Jacobs did what he normally does in the big fight vs the best of his division, he came up short.  Jacobs is one of those fighters one can easily admire, a man who conquered cancer  but he has yet to conquer the two elite fighters of his generation in Middleweight division, Canelo Alvarez and the triple G’s.

Compubox numbers show the story accurately.  Jacobs threw nearly 200 punches more than Alvarez but landed nearly sixty less punches as Alvarez connected on two out of every five punches compared to Jacobs who connected only one out of five punches.   Over the last half of the fight Alvarez averaged 20 punches connected per round versus 13 punches per round for Jacobs.  Alvarez connected more jobs and power shots in particular body shots. 

Alvarez had a more diverse attack throughout the bout and showed more flexibility in his punches thrown. 

The early rounds were slow but what actions was dictated by Alvarez but over the second half of the fight saw both fighters have their moment.  In the tenth round, Jacobs became the aggressor as he pushed Alvarez to the ropes but over the course of the round, Alvarez countered back and seemed unfazed by Jacobs aggressiveness. Canelo Alvarez resumed the role of aggressor in the eleventh round, but Jacobs went toe to toe as he landed his left to Alvarez’s body. Alvarez landed solid rights back and the final round saw Jacobs slip to the canvas while throwing a wild punch.  Both fighters landed combinations with Jacob starting with body shots before moving up to Alvarez’s head, while Alvarez landed enough of his own combinations to win the round in my view. 

The judges had the fight 115-113, 115-113, and 116-112, which was an accurate view of the fight. I had the fight 116-112 but 115-113 for Alvarez was a reasonable score. 

We had a fight that was correctly scored for the winner with no controversy and while Jacobs had his moments, Alvarez was the better fighter.  His defensive skills allowed him to slip many of Jacobs punches while effective jabbing set up combinations.  Jacobs could not land consistently as Alvarez simply moved quickly out of range.

The question is what next and maybe what is next could be a third Golovkin-Alvarez fight. While Alvarez has one win and a draw against triple G’s, many boxing observers viewed the first draw as a Golovkin win and it could easily be two wins for Golovkin. Both fights were close affairs and worth a third bout.  As for Jacobs, he has lost two bouts to both fighters and while one could see a second triple G’s-Jacobs or a second Jacobs-Alvarez but while both bouts would be entertaining, does anyone expect the results to be different?  I don’t.  A third Golovkin-Alvarez may be what the Middleweight division needs. 

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