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Revisiting 1984 : China’s Social Credit Scheme

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Swati Sudhakaran

China is soon to be the new Oceania. Come 2020 and there may be a complete transformation of the state into a digital totalitarian regime. Well here’s to the brand new follower of the people of China- The Government. If you thought the government was happy with just collecting fingerprints and retina scans, well time to snap out of that illusion!

… So how do you increase your score? Full compliance is key. Praise the high command, put pro-government comments on Facebook, recycle materials and be a fiscally responsible citizen in your purchases. But it’s not just personal conduct that affect your ‘scores’, behavior of all those in your immediate circle also reflect on your ratings, This is done to induce some amount of social pressure. The government also encourages snitches among your social groups by promising to reward those who report any breach of trust of the system in place.

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