Thoughts on the by Tom Donelson

I tweeted two pieces on the failure on EU and its implosion. A few thoughts. Over the past 70 years the most unifying force was NATO as a community of nations backed by US defended their freedom and in the end, they succeeded.

If the EU had followed by the advice of Margret Thatcher in his speech at Burges in 1988 the EU become a community of nations recognizing each nation sovereignty and work on common defense, the very forces of populism will not have arise and Great Britain would be part of a Europe tied to the United States.

EU using the Euro, tied the Europe to institutional control with a parliament that can’t pass law but merely rubber stamped the EU bureaucratic rules. The elites now want a more centralized institution complete with its own army and foreign policy.

I detailed this in my book … and noted the intellectuals wanted a Europe independent of the US but not all nations want a more powerful EU and dream of a Europe that is a community of nations.

The EU is becoming the enemy of liberty and will split Europe from the US and in the end, the goal of a peaceful Europe will be torn asunder by EU elites.

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