Left view on populism


Million dollar quote number one from authors: ‘The biggest divide in American society is class and that’s it. I’m a class-first person’, she tells me. ‘You’re hearing in the election how much we need to elect a woman or we need to elect a woman of colour. But the most left-wing candidate is an old, white, heterosexual man [Bernie Sanders] and I want him to win… I’m a Bernie bro. I was a Bernie bro in 2016 and I am now.’

Million dollar quote number two: ‘There are two categories of Trump voters worth discussing separately’, says Frost. ‘There was the wealthy, petit-bourgeois reactionary. But there were also working-class people who heard only one of the candidates talking about jobs.’

Million dollar quote number three:

‘Do you want to tell people how bad they are? Do you want them to repent because they’re bad racists? Or do you want them to pursue a left-wing project?’

‘Those people are ours to win’, says Frost. The populist moment is an opportunity, she says, but one which ‘I can totally see us pissing away’. ‘The self-identified left are very sceptical of the populist stuff. Look at their takes on the yellow vests: “They’re all fascists!” They’re probably just fucking French people – and who can tell the difference?’

These two individuals from the Spike interview understand the political dynamic.

From our report on the difference between Le Pen and Trump

” Le Pen is not Trump and while both are protectionists, there are differences beginning with the crucial fact that Trump actually likes capitalism whereas Le Pen is suspicious of capitalism. Trump is fighting the administrative state and looking to reduce taxes on both individual and businesses, Le Pen seeks to increase taxes on individual and businesses as part of her economic nationalism. Trump for all his bravado is not a racist and, as mentioned before, the number of illegals allowed to stay after his reforms are passed will be similar to what we presently see. Le Pen is anti-immigration, anti-capitalist and anti-free trade, the trifecta of bad economic policies. What Le Pen is a big government nationalist who will use government largess to benefit her supporters. Le Pen is the warning of what could happen in the United States if Trump policies are strangled in the womb by Democratic resistance: A developed populist movement that could drag 35% of Republicans and high percentage of Sanders’ supporter into a national populist big government policy in which Liberty dies a slow death. ” http://amermaj.org/pdf//Trump-LePen.pdf

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