Say Goodbye to Jay Gruden

I am long time Washington Redskins fan and under the Snyder’s era, a long suffering fan. Jay Gruden should have been fired this past week and the reasons are as following:

  1. Gruden at best is an average coach. Between 2015 and 2018 he was .500. Some of those years he had numerous injuries but there were two years that he had a few horses and still just above .500
  2. Who is responsible for picking the Defensive coordinator? Joe Barry and Greg Manusky are simply bad coordinator. There are some talented players, in particular at the front seven but every game, there are plays in which some one misses an assignment. I think of DeSean Jackson second touchdown in which there were no Redskins in 10 yards of him.
  3. There are times that this team overall never seem to look prepared and rarely does this team comeback to win games. The opening game in Eagles, the Redskins played a perfect half but the Eagles adjusted at halftime and the Redskins didn’t. Not able to comeback to win games could mean a coaching staff that doesn’t make adjustments.
  4. Finally and this is most important. Jay Gruden is suppose to be offensive genius or at least have offensive mindset. It has been reported that Gruden and the coaching staff didn’t want Haskins. He is only of top Qb prospects in the past draft and he fell into the Redskins’ lap. Gruden doesn’t believe in Haskins and Haskins had no real reps over the past month for going into the Giants gam. One pundit believes that Gruden is setting up Haskins for failure.
  5. It is Gruden job to prepare Haskins for the future and if he can’t or won’t, he should be fired now.

Gruden isn’t to be blamed for all of this since Bruce Allen and Daniel Snyder play a key role in getting this team together. Trent Williams hold out is a sign that this is a dysfunctional franchise since Williams major complaint was his medical treatment for a tumor. I can’t imagine a top flight coach coming to Washington and they are looking at Kevin O’Connell as a long term option and who is suppose to be a potential offensive genius. My own view is time to give O’ Connell the offensive coordinator title and maybe hire Bill Callahan as intern coach. It is time to give Greg Manusky the boot.

It is also time for the players themselves to perform in particular on defense.

Firing Gruden will not salvage this season and the Redskins will not make the playoffs but it will be a new beginning. And it is time to prepare Haskins and coach him up. Daniel Jones has done well for the Giants but he also was prepared. He beat the Redskins without Barkley, a talented young running back nor can anyone view the Giants receiving corps among the elites of the NFL. But they had their young quarterback ready to take over for Eli Manning. What Haskins need is a coach and organization that is behind him and ready to coach him up, preparing him for success and not failure.

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