My tweet from October 4th on the end of the world.

I will be busy all day so this is tweet of the morning and afternoon. Yesterday I commented on this and while many question this poor lady sanity, my own view is that her desperation is driven by many things. First she has been told repeatedly that the world is ending.

The Donelson Files@Donelsonfiles · 11hJonathan Swift once wrote a satire on Irish needing to eat their babies but this lady is not doing a Swift satire she is serious.

She is being told we have 12 years left by some, 10 years by others and 5 years by yet others. She is being told the world is ending and only a radical transformation of our society can save us. If it doesn’t happen it is all over.

Poor Greta Thunberg is another who reflects this teaching. Pushed by her parents and outsiders, this poor gal is leading a crusade that quite frankly she has very knowledge of including the science but she is scared because the adults in her life LIED TO her and others.

Here are the solutions suggested by journals, politicians including Presidential candidates as both causing climate change and implying must be stopped: Eating meat (Even Democrats presidential candidates stated eating meat as a cause of climate change)

They have called to change our diet. Move to higher ground, put mirrors into space to reflect the sun away from the planet. Your loyal dog and friendly cat are causing climate change and won’t be long they will outlaw pets. (Maybe you can eat Fido to go with the baby)

(I will add that much of the population control needed to save the planet is directed as countries with people of color as if Asians, Africans and Hispanics throughout the world are responsible for climate change. We are bringing back eugenics and maybe this might be racist,)

No nuclear, no fossil fuels, and an economy where we will be back to horse and buggy, provided horses will be allowed. (ps Any serious expert will tell you, there is no way an modern economy can run on wind and solar without nuclear or fossil fuels as back up.)

Note the word serious experts, since we have plenty of not so serious experts. The irony is that much of the science undergirding this is questionable science and imploding but you won’t read that in New York Times.

Since the end of the 1960’s. I have seen five end of the world scenario that did not come true. Much of the environmental disasters predicted has not only not happen the complete opposite what they foreseen did happen.

In spite of politicians world wide, we are feeding more people better, more people have escaped poverty than ever before, The planet is actually getting greener. Much of this is due to human ingenuity and maybe also due to a little extra CO2 in the atmosphere.

The world is not ending or even remotely close. The only thing that will reverse this is stupid policies like the green new deal. You can say a asteroid can hit this planet and end life as we know as it may have 65 million years ago but that is a long shot.

Here is not going to happen in the next twelve years if we continue use fossil fuels, nuclear energy, search for new energy sources that is both plentiful and inexpensive to us. We will not fry to death.

If the right policies are instituted world wide and free markets prevail, more prosperity, more people leaving poverty, more people becoming middle class, even better diets. The world will be just fine, if not better.

The problem we have is not too many people using resources but too many socialists scaring people into policies that denies basic freedoms and end of human ingenuity. We should be honest with our children, the world will be just fine. Period.

2 thoughts on “My tweet from October 4th on the end of the world.”

  1. I’m much more concerned about the colon cancer risk of eating as much beef as we do (which is corroborated by nine studies) and the effects of this much farming on undocumented children who lose arms to machinery for their processing meat too quickly for demand than global warming.

    We’re currently eating four pounds a month according to recent studies and as recently published in a Bloomberg article. Surely, it could be reduced to one pound a month per person at a quality beef standard (with cancer preventing Omega 3) allowed to graze as opposed to suffer in a feed lot.


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