Tweets on Susan Crockford

A few thoughts.…… why this story matters. We are told repeatedly that it is about the science but climate alarmists lie on that score. If the science matters, Crockford would not have been fired but praised for her work.

We have been told that Polar Bears population would drop significantly close to extinction but the opposite happens. Crockford work demolished an important selling point of climate change impact upon Arctic creatures.

This should have forced a reevaluation of some claims made but instead it saw the firing of the scientist who debunked these claims So far no credible scientist have challenged her claims and her research is excellent on this score. The reality is that questionable science has been used to back alarmist claims from the Medieval Warming Period not happening despite some 1000 plus studies saying otherwise to Polar Bears are dying.

The weakness of the science is becoming more obvious as the empiric evidence don’t support the main thesis that the increase of CO2 is having overall negative result on the planet. Professor Crockford story is instructive.

This is not about the science but it is about politics and the use of this to transform our society into a socialist paradise or whatever. I once told a researcher on Heartland Institute who wins the political battle wins the scientific battle.

He told me that the science will win and our side have the science. I told him it is irrelevant about the Science since his opponent are not fighting in the scientific realm but the political realm.

This proves my point that scientific battle is secondary to the political battle. When the science goes against the Alarmist they either change the subject, censor the sources that disagrees with them or simply manipulate the data to get what they want.

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