Why I am skeptical

The number one thing often missing in economics is not taking human ingenuity in account. That is why we are feeding more people today or that the world has become wealthier. Part of it began with Reagan Revolution and collapsed of Communism. India began its own reform.

South Korea showed what happens when markets are allowed as this country went from being one of the poorest to one of the richest within 50 years.

The biggest threat that we have is reversing the trends that made up for this success. We won’t see famine or poverty as result of a warmer planet but if we retreat from economic freedom and move toward socialism in the West and the developed countries.

The threat from warmer planet is overrated (look up the history and you will see humans in the past did better when the planet was warmer. It is recorded in the history book. ) More people die in colder weather than warmer and science backs that up.

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