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This is one of those inaccurate and stupid statements made about the climate debate. Skeptics and Alarmists have from the very beginning agreed the climate has been warming. The Alarmist arguments that it is human driven. ContinuedQuote Tweet

Doug Cottrell 


@DCottrell1956 · 15hReplying to @BadgersNo @TheDisproof and 43 othersThe debate about WHETHER there is climate change is long past. It is happening. It is in the news. The changes have primary and secondary and tertiary impacts.

The skeptics are not as certain what human role is and whether C02 is the driving force. If one looks at the actual empiric evidence, it favors the skeptics from the failure of computer models and overall failed predictions by alarmists on what the nature of the planet would be.

The Planet is greening (there is a debate on why including human conservation actions and slight increase of C02 aiding planet growth) and we are feeding more people and more people are living above the poverty line so the disaster predicted for our planet have failed to happen.

The irony is that countries that having problems are those countries that followed many of the policy recommendations of alarmist of heavy dose of government policies

In states or countries that depend more on wind and solar tend to have less dependable and more expensive energy. Those countries that depend upon nuclear, fossil fuels or hydro have more dependable energy sources and less expensive.

Alarmist policies have always included higher energy prices to move away from fossil fuels and nuclear so the cost of energy going up is not a surprise but part of the policies. Note: most people when confronted with cost don’t like it.

Skeptics as a group tend to believe in market approaches (even though there are liberal or leftist views on the economy) and those market approach will work to reduce pollution and C02 emissions. Plus allow the economy to grow and produce.

Some believers in AGW like Michael Shellenberger agrees with some of the Skeptics approaches as he has openly questioned the push to wind and solar and favors a more traditional approach including nuclear energy.

This is not a debate about warming but why it is warming, why it warmed in the past and best approach to provide energy policies that is a clean as possible while allowing economic growth. Alarmists like to bring up straw men that don’t exist. Thus their dishonesty.

From Swampgirl : History denied & Lorentide. Glacial maxima & interglacial periods. Our path around the sun has created the freeze or burn. 10,000 years ago during such time, the Earth came closest to the sun in July. The Northern hemisphere got 8% more radiation in summer than it does today.

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