Tweets 1/30/2020

Where we are.  The impeachment trial that yet to find any impeachable offense.  Before instituting an impeachment trial, you might want at least to find a crime or something really, really bad. Democrats did not do this.

First thing that is obvious.  On points and as the trial proceeded, Trump’s team simply have destroyed the Democratic case.  Look at Pam Bondi case against Biden’s corruption in which she uses materials from MSM. She made the case that Biden’s should be investigated.

Schiff, so widely praised by the MSM, has done more to sink his case than anyone man.  His arrogance along with Jerry Nadler had to irritate the GOP’s Senator.

One of my favorites in which Alan Dershowitz noted that Presidents often put condition on aid, is demanding Palestinian to quit paying terrorist as part of aid. The fact that a policy may benefit a President doesn’t mean it is not in national interest. 

Schiff essentially stated that quid for quo is bad regardless of what is being accomplished. His view means no President could do their job or in some cases, would be force to allow something bad to happen as oppose a trade off in the national means. 

Bondi already made the case that Biden’s should be investigated and others have detailed the FISA abuses and noted that Trump was investigated while running for office. DOJ stated recently noted, there was no probable cause for Trump investigation. There is plenty of cause to investigate Biden.

Here is the final wrap up.  Democrats failed to make the case there was a any real quid for quo. The weapons flowed despite no public announcements of any Ukrainian investigation of the Biden. If Trump wanted to tie the aid to investigating Biden, he did not end up doing it. No abuse committed.

As for Bolton, there is a video tape of him agreeing with others close to Trump, no quid for quo.  There are two administration officials who dispute Bolton.  Remember if Bolton is right, Trump changed his mind plus Bondi already made the case Biden are corrupt.

The impeachment trial looking for impeachable offense may end shortly and I suspect even many Democrats privately will be relief it is over.  Adam Schiff may have made Trump even stronger with an acquittal. 

Schiff is a pathological liar.  For two plus years, he told America, that he had the proof of Trump collusion with Russia. Proven wrong. His own report debunked and discredited.  He lied at hearings at what Trump actually said and no one believes him that he doesn’t know the Whistleblower and even the Washington Post didn’t buy this.

Nancy Pelosi allowed Schiff to take the Democrats off the cliff and Democrats hatred of Trump has warped their own responses.

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