March 14, 2020 tweets

Here is a thought, what will fascism look like in the 21st century. China is a fascist state or you can use the term National socialism. China has long since abandoned international communism as a ideology and dismissed much of its class warfare since the 1980s.

China as allowed private ownership to save their economy and grow it but all property is still under the iron hand of the state. China control over social media approaches George Orwellian vision in 1984. This crisis has shown China true colors in ways that can’t be ignored.

China has used this crisis to tighten control over dissent, suppress information that could have saved lives and reports in which Muslims removed from prison camps forced to work in factories. This is what Nazis did. forced labor.

Chinese government are not run by guys who wears funny looking mustaches but in guys in Brooks brothers suits. We have asked numerous times on the Donelson Files, what do the Chinese want and what kind of world would we have if the Chinese are the dominant nation?

We now have a good idea of that world and it will be ugly, a world darken by a loss of freedom, with wide spread facsism worldwide. The EU is a adminstrative state nightmare that is strangling Europe economy and threatening both the unity and freedom of European nations.

California maybe a glimpse in the future of US, an medieval society in which run by the very rich. 1 out of every three individuals on welfare live in California, California with expanded poverty numbers has the highest poverty rate.

It is a state where individuals making 100,000 dollars in San Francisco or LA struggle month to month with energy double rest of country. California is a one party state heading toward a tyranny of the majority.

China is a fascist state and want to extinuish freedom everywhere and their ideology prevail. I don’t believe that China wants to occupy nations but they want nations to bow to them and reap the bounties of the world.

A 1984 control of social media over the people, using the media to spy, concentration camps and a propaganda machine that distort the truth. When this flu epidemic is over, we must ask what kind of world we want here or throughout the world.

We can no longer ignore China threat for as a second largest economy, they have leverage over much of the world and are using it now. Even threatening to deny us needed drugs if we don’t behave. Can globalization work if the number two economy is not willing to play be the rules

Or willing to allow a pandemic to occur that has threaten the world economy and allow innocents including their own die if it benefits their position in the world? Thus the name Wuhan virus to remind us of the origin of this pandemic.

And how the Chinese behaved in all of this. Chinese must be held responsible for their conduct or this will happen again and again.

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