A duty to Die?

A liberal friend of mine observed after Lt. Governor Dana Patrick view that many seniors would be willing to sacrifice their life to save the economy that she wasn’t aware of Republican death panels.  Extreme position to say the least and note that Patrick didn’t say that we would pursue a plan that would require that we would end Senior lives via Solvent Green.  (The famous Charleston Heston movie about a special nutrient provided to people in a future overpopulated America) but there is a thought that should be consider. When politicians start talking about seniors having a duty to die for the economy, it is not much different that a person has a duty to die for the state and the state rules all. It is a mindset that begins a slippery slope toward fascism in which state is all, the provider of all goods and rights.

Ezekiel Emanuel, a health care advisor to Joe Biden, wrote that medical care should emphasize, “people who have not yet lived a complete life,” and another time in a flu epidemic, ““Certainly if there were to be a flu pandemic, a younger person who has yet to live a complete life ought to get the vaccine or any antiviral drugs.”  Emanuel point can’t be misconstrued, the youth get medical care and elderly denied care.  Rationing heath care based on age is the ultimate results of many governments health care and in Italy, news reports are now reporting that seniors are being denied respirators.    

The slipping slope toward fascism is starting to happen, just looking at many Democrat proposals in which government will eliminate certain industry by government edict while subsidizing others.  The Green New Deal is a blueprint for complete control of American lives as one Democrat candidate noted that government will utility companies what electricity to buy, the size of the house or what kind of car American will drive.

America is more than a “economy” or a state but individuals provided by inalienable rights.  Rights are not gifts to administer by the state but provided independently of the state whose main responsibility is to protect the inalienable rights of individuals. When the State fail to protect those rights,   this is the path toward fascism.

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