Letter about Tonight Show

Dr. Larry will briefly talk about his own experiences working with the Bush Administration and vaccines and then we are going to ask and answer the question about globalization and China role.  On this show we asked the question what the world would  be like if China is the dominant power.  Tonight we will begin to answer this. In the past I have stayed away from certain phrases on this show just as Chinese virus or Wuhan virus for  I didn’t want our discussion to be bogged down on names and get to the central core of the debate. We need to distinguish between the Chinese people who were the first victims and the government that victimize them. The Chinese people should not be held responsible but their government should. 

For three years, we have been on the cutting edge.  We detailed the containment policy of Trump of Iran in the Middle East when other news network didn’t.  We warned of the FISA Court abuses to our civil liberties.  We discussed China role and its impact and tonight we go further. Coco pointed out the civil liberty problems of Kamala Harris and was proven right. And she was the first to break the news that Elizabeth Warren was going to suspend her campaign a full 24 hours before the rest of the so call mainstream media. 

We have been far more responsible about the COVID virus than the major news networks who have engaged in fear mongering and fail to properly educate the public.  We have used eyewitness accounts on the impact on this virus and educated people on how to be safe. No one has been more responsible than us.  Last night show was no exception as we detailed the science and discuss the moves to open up the economy over the next month. I am proud of what we have done and the guests we have had on the air.

The economic costs are high and can’t be ignore.  A family member sees her dreams crushed as the new job she was supposed to be starting is close and now she is on unemployment. She rather be working. The young 22 year old whose successful real estate business is under siege, the manager of my local coffee shop who is trying to survive and a former bartender who was given the opportunity to manage his own restaurant and that dream slowing imploding  I could go on but it is not just about the economy but for these people it is the American dream that is dying as result of this virus.  And Chinese government is to blame for this virus and bringing the world to its knees They have blood on their hand and now we will begin with one question, how can globalization work if rogue nations like Iran and China are willing to put the world at risk to further their own gains and play by their rules.  

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