Biden, Media Hypocrisy

I don’t know if Biden is guilty of sexual assault, but the mainstream media treatment of Biden’s accusation shows the hypocrisy of the Media and Democrats. What happened to believe all women?  No it is believe all women who are suspected of being assaulted by Republicans.  Democrats get due process.  

In 2018, Democrats supported Keith Ellison for Minnesota Attorney General and the investigation into Virginia Lt. Governor Julian Fairfax ceased almost immediately while there are United States Senator elected in 2018 were guilty of abusing past wives, one hit his first wife so hard, she ended up with a black eye.

There are far more evidence against Biden than there was against Brett Kavanaugh.  I can a better case that Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford was guilty of perjury. I am not saying Biden is guilty of sexual assault but there is double standard since if Biden was a Republican, he would have been declared guilty with front page coverage every day until he was forced to drop out of the race.

Media are nothing more than Democrat operatives with a byline thus it explains their coverage from the Russian collusion hoax to present virus crisis and the Joe Biden sexual assault. 

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