A few Books

Read numerous books since the lockdown.  Four books by Robert Zubrin who makes the case for a trip to Mars. In these dark days, it is nice to start thinking about shooting for the stars.  These times will not last and we need goals to move toward new adventures. Much of our political class has been satisfied with how things are now and not looking for new adventure. 

John Barry history of the Spanish flu and James Grant book on the forgotten Depression are both excellent books on the history of economic slowdown and the pandemic.  Tom Sowell essay on history on “supply side economics” from 1920’s to the present with emphasis on the 1920’s.  These books will give you an idea on how to deal with both the pandemics and the economic recovery.

Michael Auslin book the End of the Asian Century and Bradley Thayer and John Friend How China sees the world.  Auslin book gives a good review of Asia and China objectives plus possible negative scenarios including war.  Thayler and Friend gives us insight about China.

Amity Shales book on the Great Society and re read her book on the Forgotten man, a history of the Great Depression. 

Richard Lowry on Nationalism, US style and Rand Paul thesis on Socialism are worth reading.

I have read about 20 books so far. 

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