Are you a COVID-19 denier Donelson? Or worse, a proponent of an entire DIFFERENT set of facts? Alternate facts, perhaps? Worse yet: Do you contend that Petender Donald “Dahmer” Trump has done and CONTINUES TO DO an OUT-STANDING job as the Un-Precedent of the United States? From Scott Mudd Twitter. My response:

I am not a denier and if you listened to my podcast or read my timeline, you would know that not be true. Here is what I got right over the past several week. I have never stated Covid was a hoax.

1. I stated that the final IFR would be under 1% and we are looking at IFR at .2 to .6, I am on the side of scientific consensus as studies around the world supports this.

2. I have stated that this virus is more lethal than what we have seen with the flu over past five decades. I will add to point two that IFR is similar to 1957 and 1968 Pandemic which we didn’t shut down the economy.

3. I stated this virus hit the elderly harder and not so much the children and young adults. Again Scientific consensus.

4. I stated on the air that we may hit 200,000 death in March and noted this was one tenth of what was predicted. Even the CDC admits there is incentive to inflate the data. On a per capita basis similar to 1957 and 1968.

5. No evidence saved lives lockdown save lives. Many of the states with the hardest lockdown had significant highest death rates and infection rates. (New York) I could go on.… This is one of many study. Empirical evidences speaks for itself

I could go on but if your best argument is call anyone who disagree with you a denier, then you don’t have an argument. The lockdown has devastating impact that exceeds the virus itself and will be felt for years, fact you totally ignore.

I will be happy to allow you on the Donelson Files and voice your opinion and we can have a reasonable discussion using facts. 6 PM EST Tuesday and Wednesday. call in 646-929-0130.

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