Economics: The coming Biden Recession

If you begin an economic plan of “dealing with inequality” without a plan to expand job creations, you will more inequality and less jobs.

The Biden/Fauci/McConnell/Pelosi recession may be beginning in December. The increase economic regulations by many state governors mostly Democrats along with travel restrictions have slowed down employment which was averaging 1.5 million plus jobs created since May.

The addition 300 per week will bring yearly income up to 41,000 not working, thus encouraging more to stay home which appears to be point. Pay people to stay home and “crushed the virus” as if that worked the first time. Those governors, mostly Republicans, who decrease economic restrictions, did so without increasing death totals to Covid compared to the more restrictive states. It is groundhog day and we are repeating April all over again.

The panic that has ensued has done enough damage to the economic and would have been worse if Trump and many GOP governors didn’t loosen economic restrictions. They performed better economically.

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