Notes Today

What if we are overestimating Covid death, counting deaths of patients with Covid as oppose to because? Colorado has two sets of numbers which ranges from 10 to 20 percent difference in cases they view as because of Covid vs those with Covid (example, a person dies in car accident while having covid is counted as Covid death.)

Florida and Minnesota are saying this number is 40%, others have told me could be half the number.  This means we are overestimating Covid death by nearly 50,000 to 240,000 deaths. (Note we are still talking between 270,000 to 410,000 deaths.)

Cases are underestimated.  We may be underestimating actual cases by a factor of 6 to 13 which means at least 160,000,000 Americans may have been exposed.  The good news is that most people are not sick enough to see a doctor and at least 1/3rds of cases are asymptomatic and at least 90 percent may be mild if not more. Not as lethal as assumed.

IFR is close .2 and this data is based on 80 plus studies worldwide including data provided by WHO and CDC.  That means 2/1000 have died. Compared to an average of 1/1000 with the flu but we have had Flu pandemic as lethal or close to as lethal as in 1957, 1968 and 2018. 

Lockdowns by government have destroyed more communities and will end up killing more than saving.  At least 1,000,000 people will die prematurely due to lockdowns.  More than double of what the virus would have killed.

Red States have outperformed Blue States economically, this is no debate as any data  from BLS would show.  Red State 5% unemployment vs  Blue States 6.8% unemployment and bigger red states outperformed bigger blue states.

Nine of Top ten states with lowest unemployment were Red States and the top ten states with least loss of unemployment were Red States. 

Overall, Red States had less deaths from the virus vs. Blue States, whether you measure in totality, on a per state basis and per capita basis.  So less deaths and better economic performance.  Red States win.

All data listed here come from real Science research, government data, economic data and my own research aided by a top research team. I do not do conspiracy theories or manipulated data like my opponents.  My data is solid and superior to what you read in mainstream media.

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