Lessons From the pandemic

2017 Covers.pdf (amermaj.org)

Data-Efficacy.pdf (amermaj.org)

An-Ignored-Cost.pdf (amermaj.org)

We reviewed from different angles the failure of the lockdown. As the data shows that non-lockdown states and red states outperformed lockdown states and blues states.

  1. We found that there were no significant differences in death between non-lockdown and red states versus lockdown and blue states.
  2. That minorities were more likely to die from Corona virus in lockdown and blue states.
  3. As mention, economic growth and job growth were superior in Red and non-lockdown states.
  4. That other data referenced in our study, that more people have or will die from the lockdown than saved from the virus.
  5. We saw these trends from our data and others from the past year.
  6. Lockdowns were a failure.

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