GOAT In Men’s Tennis

We maybe in the midst of the deciding who is truly the GOAT in men’s tennis. Novak Djovokic won his 19th major and is now just one major behind Federer and Nadal. Djovokic won his semi-final match against Nadal and had to come back from two sets deficit to win in five set in the finals. At 34, Djovokic is at the stage where most men players are in the decline phrase of their career but Novak now has won two majors in a row. Since 2017, Federer, Djovokic and Nadal have won every majors but one, the 2020 US Open.

Federer for years was considered the GOAT but since 2017, Nadal and Djovokic have caught up. Nadal now has as many majors as Federer and when this year is over, we may have a new GOAT. Djovokic is the youngest of the three and Federer at 39 most likely finished winning majors but Nadal and Djovokic are still in the hunt for every majors over the next year or two.

By the time, 2023 rolls around, we may know who is the GOAT of all time but for now, the debate continues on the court between Nadal and Djovokic.

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