Celtics trade: Walker for Horford

In the NBA, the Celtics traded Kemba Walker to Oklahoma City and got back Al Horford and Moses Brown. This was a combination of money exchanges as Walker had a big contract that the Celtics wanted to unload and Horford had almost as big of contract. Thunders get a 2016 draft pick as part of their rebuild.

Walker is one of the NBA good guys but his knees gave him trouble as he missed 45 games over the past two years including playoffs. As for Horford, he signed with 76ers as a free agent but it didn’t work out as he didn’t meld with Embiid and the rest of 76ers. So he was shipped off to Oklahoma City where he did well enough but as the season progressed, he was told to take the rest of the year off as Thunders decided to tank the season.

Walker when healthy was very good but his bad knees proved problematic. The wild card is Moses Brown who is a 7’2″ center with potential. He averaged nearly 9 points and 9 rebounds in his second season. In his last five game, 11 points and 11 rebounds a game including a 24 points game. Against Celtics, he had 21 points and 23 rebounds so the Celtics saw potential.

Rob Williams shows potential but keeping him on the court has been a struggle. Brown may have the potential to plug up the center position. They gave up a first round draft point but at 21 years, Brown may be the replacement for that missing draft pick.

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