My Dad

There is so much to remember about my Dad. My sister would remember the advice he gave her as she moved up the corporate ladder, my brother had his stories and there are so many things I could remember but there is one in particular. My Dad always took his time to be there for major sporting events and there was one event, a major Track event.

Running the meet was a guy named Jack Lord and yes, he would announce his entry, “The Lord has arrive” and it appears that we made a mistake in reporting to the meet officials and we were about to be disqualified. Our Track coach, “Bear” Blake, wasn’t too happy and let his displeasure been known to Jack Lord, who didn’t take to Blake arguments.

When Blake moved away, my dad came out of the stands and took the “Lord” aside and noted in a very calm way, “These kids worked for this event and yes, they made a mistake but it won’t affect the race or gain any advantage. We are here for them. ” Lord slowly moved away from my Dad and told the Bear, “your relay team is back in the race.” We had a great race and finished third in the event, even set a school record for the relay.

I will never forget that day or race as I ran a great race and so did everyone else on our team. My Dad by being there kept us in the race.

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