Biden Exposed

For those of us who have followed Biden’s political career are not surprised by his ineptitude as the man has been mediocre all his life. He has been good at enriching his family and himself but beyond that, he never had a reputation as a politician with any deep thoughts.

While some has stated that maybe he doesn’t have the mental acuity, it could be even simpler, he is simply not that bright and never was. In the case of Afghanistan, a Trump administration would have eventually left, the only case is how the withdrawal been conducted. There was no real support among Americans to stay in Afghanistan and we were ready to come home. Biden disaster was to manage the withdrawal disaster as Biden was hoping that the Afghan army would be hold off for a few months and whatever collapsed that occurred, it would occurred when Afghanistan would no longer be on the front page. Instead, we are witnessing a complete rout with many of those who aided our efforts will be left at the mercy of the Taliban. China is ready to recognize new Afghanistan and take advantage of minerals available in Afghanistan.

My associates, Jd Johannes observed the Chinese will handle Afghan better, take advantage of the minerals available while essentially funding the Taliban. They won’t put their own troops there. This was a two decades disaster in the making , in which we attempted to remake Afghans in our image. We obtained our original goals, kicked ass of the terrorist but expanded the mission.

Biden is now begging OPEC to increase oil production after knee capping our local production. Russia has benefitted along with OPEC from Biden’s bad energy policies and our consumers plus energy workers have suffered as a result with higher prices and less jobs. Inflation is now upon us as the basic goods of life are increasing.

Inflation, Biden begging OPEC for increased production to lower prices and Afghanistan disaster unfolding.

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