The failure of the withdrawal

The Biden withdrawal from Afghanistan has been a disaster and that would be understatement. We have Americans stuck in Kabul, and now discussing possible hostages.

Biden’s team blew this totally and remember these guys were suppose to restore America because we all knew Trump’s foreign policy was so disastrous. Well Biden is repeating all the mistakes of the Obama era and the result are proving even worse.

  1. The Middle East has taken a turn for the worse under the brilliance of Team Biden. Biden was left with a weaken Iran, a anti-Iranian alliance with Israel and Sunni states.
  2. Biden was left with United States becoming a energy exporters and cheaper energy, thus strengthening our position in the Middle East.

So Biden is left begging Taliban don’t hurt any Americans caught in Kabul and please OPEC, pump out more oil so we can have cheaper oil. Taliban could care less what Biden’s want and let us hope no hostages situation. OPEC is now back in the driver seat for oil production and Russia has increase its position in the world wide energy market due to the brilliance of Biden.

The intelligence on the weakness of the Afghan army is yet another failure, leaving us to wonder how did we train an army that collapsed in days and how did we screw up the intelligence? There are so many questions but Biden was left with a stronger hand from Trump foreign policy than Trump was left from Obama.

Robert Gates, who served in Bush and Obama administration once noted that Biden got most of the major issues wrong over his career. And now we are struck with this guy for another three plus years.

Obama was a mediocre President with very few positive accomplishments, and disaster on foreign policy. Biden is proving that he may yet end up the worst President ever, or at least over the past 100 plus years.

Biden has shown to be representative of the collapsed of the political class, a mediocre mind representative of the mediocrity of our political class and elites. From botching the Corona virus to our energy policy and now Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco. This shows we have a poor elites, the death of expertise.

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