Biden is the symptom

Biden is the symptom. While many in the Democratic Party are shocked by what has happened in Afghanistan and we have seen several attempts by intelligences and military off the record leaks that we told Joe what would happen, and even a few in the media are complaining but the reality is that Biden bungling of Afghanistan was disaster that entire leadership class participated. Biden’s policies are turning into disaster on many fronts but Afghanistan

Biden administration as it is presently constituted is doom to failure for the following reason.

  1. The economic plan is based on increase spending, loose monetary policy with increase taxes on productive of society along with the expansion of the welfare state. Where is the economic growth coming from? Inflation is too much money chasing too few goods and Biden’s plan will not produce enough goods to soak up the loose money in the system and thus the inflation will continue.
  2. The energy plan is based on illusionary combination that we can produce all of energy with wind and solar while eliminating fossil fuels. This is impossible as any serious economist or energy specialist will tell you. Note the word serious. Reducing our domestic production has increased the cost of energy and going green will add to increases. and Biden is now begging OPEC to increase production. OPEC said no. The fact that Biden asked OPEC for increased oil production shows that even Biden team knows eliminating fossil fuels is impossible.
  3. Crime has increased in major cities and the defunding and cutting the police has failed.
  4. Foreign policy has been a disaster and Afghanistan is proof of that.

Biden’s policy would have been disaster under any of the leading Democratic Presidential contenders in 2020. Their policies would have followed Biden’s. Bernie Sanders wrote the 3.5 trillion dollar stimulus bill and Alexandra Cortez wrote the Biden’s version of Green New Deal. President Sanders or President Harris would not have done anything difference on points 1 through 3 and so far, Harris foreign policy trips have not been a model of success. Her trip to Central America was a failure and her managing of the border issues and illegal immigration has been a disaster, only now to be overshadowed by Afghanistan.

The only issue is that maybe another Democrat would have not botched it as badly but the overall foreign policy would have followed similar path.

Biden is a symptom of the complete failure of our leadership class and should be seen as such. Replacing Biden with Harris won’t matter at this point since the policies will be the same.

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