US Open

For those who cares, a little more than 50% of Tennis players are not vaccinated. It will be interesting to see if Corona virus plays a role. In a discussion with LA Batchelor, my point is that while I will not force a player to get vaccines, players have to take the risk that they will get sick and be out of the tournament. Of course, you may get Covid even if you are vaccinated.

With both Williams’ sister out of this US Open, what we have known now for the past years is official, the new era in women Tennis has begun. Naomi Osaka has now won four majors since 2018 and if there is one player who can replace the Williams sister both in winning and appeal, it is her.

Coco Gaulf is a seventeen year old phenom who may be the best for the Americans over the next decade. She defeated Magda Linnette but her inconsistency showed. She was up 5-3 in first set and ready to wrap it all but she lost 4 games in a row to lose the first set 7-5 and then started the second set but losign the first two games before taking 6 of the next 7 games. She won the third set and faced Sloan Stephens who just four years ago was the great American hope in the post Williams era when she won the US Open.

Stephens faced Madison Keys in a match would have considered a second week match up both women found themselves facing each other in the first round. Stephens took the first set 6-3 before Keys pounded Stephens 6-1. The third set was nip and tuck before being settled in a tie break. Stephens won her first match and then dominated the younger Gaulf, winning in two sets. (

Novak Djokovic is seeking history with a first men calendar grand slam since Rod Laver did it in 1969. (On the women side, Stephi Graff accomplished this in 1988. Novak is chasing history in not just in a calendar grand slam but if he wins the open, he will have more majors than any other men for the moment as both Federer and Nadal are not at the US Open.

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