New Generation appearing

A friend asked me, with Nadal, Federer, and the Williams not appearing, what the fans would be. The first match I witnessed, the fans were quiet during the Keys-Stephens match but as the match moved forward, the fans got more into it and by the third set, the fans were roaring and continued to roar throughout the week.

Listening to the fans during the Alcaraz – Tsitsipas match and Osaka-Fernandez, the two 18 years had fans roaring for them. Many watching may have felt, they were watching the future of Tennis. This whole week, the fans were glad to be watching and many players loved the roar of the crowd, which was missing from 2020 Open, a tournament played in front of empty stands.

As for Osaka, she is now considering a break from Tennis, saying there is no joy in Tennis.

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