Ruiz wins

The real surprise of the Ruiz-Ortiz fight was that it went the distance. At the age of the 43 years, Luis Ortiz still can box and had power to win a bout with one punch. Ruiz for a heavyweight has quick hands and power.

This bout was interesting since many rounds were close and Without the three knockdowns, this fight could have been a majority draw according to official scorecard. (I had the fight 115-110 as Ruiz had a 10-7 second round as he sent Ortiz down twice and a 10-8 round in the seventh round.) 

The first round was more of a feeling process and what punches of note landed; Ortiz landed it. Second round was different as Ruiz sent Ortiz down twice with quick right hands. Ruiz on my card won the next two rounds but they were close.

The fifth round and sixth round were devoid of heavy action, and you could have given them to Ortiz. At the halfway mark I had the fight 57-55 for Ruiz7 as the second round 10-7 was the reason for the difference.

The seventh-round saw Ruiz send Ortiz down for the third time and he also took the eighth round for a 77-72 lead. The ninth round was another one I gave to Ruiz as he landed the best punch, but it was close and other observers gave it to Ortiz.

Ortiz easily won the ten as Ruiz landed only one punch. I had it 96 – 91 so I had Ortiz needing a knockout to win.

Ruiz quick right hand buzzed Ortiz and closed his right eye. With one round left Ortiz to win the bout and I had him down 106-100.

Ortiz came out desperate and landed some big shots in the final round and showed no quit but not enough to win. I had it 115 -110 with Ruiz winning seven rounds, but I understood the judges’ score as they had it 114-111, 114-111, 113-112 s there was two or three rounds that were close, and Ortiz did land two more punches, but he also threw 140 more punches and only connected 18 percent of his punches. Plus, he hit the canvas three time. Those knockdowns ensured his defeat.

What happens to Ruiz? Deontay Wilder was present at the event and Ruiz knows a Wilder bout would be big bucks. And two knockout artists against each other would be entertaining. Meanwhile, Tyson Fury has offered Anthony Joshua a shot at his title, which is a gift since Joshua lost his lost shot at a title to Oleksandr Usyk.

Most fans want a Usyk-Fury to unite al the title, but Fury knows that a Fury-Joshua is big money and Usyk has injuries issue and a war to fight.

Meanwhile Wilder has an October date with Robert Helenius and he gets by Helenius, look for a Ruiz-Wilder fight to happen.

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