january 20th

Show at Rumble —>  https://rumble.com/v26gd8k-frontiers-of-freedom-weekly-report-january-20-2023.html?mref=10gsk1&mc=5jt8x

Show at FF.org —>  https://www.ff.org/weekly-report-jan-20-2023/

GL’s Twitter – Rumble Link —>  https://twitter.com/GLandrith/status/1616560567556231168?s=20&t=2uDie1TX1TcumwQ4dZnLRg

GL’s Twitter – FF Link —>  https://twitter.com/GLandrith/status/1616561854771351589?s=20&t=2uDie1TX1TcumwQ4dZnLRg

FOF’s Twitter — Rumble Link —>  https://twitter.com/FoF_Liberty/status/1616565350644219905?s=20&t=vjmz47BeRWXyMOmuvfgmfQ

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