Living in a Blue City

Brandon Johnson is the new mayor and so far, he is proving even dumber and more incompetent than Lori Lightfoot. A major league baseball manager once commented when asked can it get any worse for your team, “Yes it can.”  This weekend there were 32 shootings and 8 fatalities, and the Chicago loop saw a riot in which cars and city buses vandalized, and two additional shootings. Or as one commenter noted, just another weekend in Chicago.

Chicago haven’t had a Republican mayor in at least nine decades so you can’t blame Republican leadership and despite having one of the toughest gun control regime, crimes continue to spiral out of control.

Chicago had a choice, a left of center Democrat who at least promised to protect the community or Johnson, a hard-core leftist socialist supported by the local teacher unions. In the end, Chicago voted for more crime and disorder. While Johnson response to the recent riots was carefully worded as not give the opinion that he was not condoning the violence, he added that the violence and disorder was no reason to demonize youth.

Johnson, Cook County commissioner and a former teacher union organizer favored defunding the police and on one radio appearance stated, “about “our effort and our move to redirect and defund the amount of money that is spent in policing, redirect funds from policing and incarceration to public services not administered by law enforcement that promote community health and safety equitably.”  52% of votes opted for unicorns and ignored the hard reality that controlling crime is important in ensuring that Chicago remains a viable city and maintains civilization. There is no evidence that Johnson is genuinely interested in reducing crime. According to Chicago police every crime is up except murder, but murders are significantly up from 2019, pre Covid. Stolen car up by 135%, theft up by 22%, robbery up by 15%, burglary up by 6%, sexual assault is up 2%, and aggravated battery up by 4%.

Chicago votes do have a role in this disaster since over half of them voted for Johnson after rejecting Lori Lightfoot for her incompetence. They supposedly rejected her for her failure to provide protection to the city but yet they elected a candidate who will continue the same policies.

Johnson fiscal plan is to soak commuters, businesses and the ultra-rich while splurging on social spending. and Chicago also has a severe problem with pension spendings which makes up 12 percent of the city budget and this restrict spending in other needed areas just as public safety.

The teacher unions organized voters and helped Johnson to get over the top and those voters who voted for Vallas and some aspect of law and order will pay the price. Many of them will leave for the suburbs or simply leave Illinois to join the migration to red states.

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