Media failures

Fox recent firing of Tucker Carlson and it fiasco with Dominion shows that even conservative media can be corrupted and on key issues to its viewers, unreliable.   Fox is still more accurate than its competitors whose own laundry list includes the Russian collusion hoax, the cover up of the Hunter Biden laptop which impacted an election, following the party line of Tony Fauci and gang, even when it was totally wrong. Even to this day, outside of Fox and Newsmax, Tony Fauci is still adore despite his horrendous record.   This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Much of the mainstream media was always to the left but there was difference.  When I was running a congressional campaign against incumbent Democrat, there was a controversy over debating as my candidate’s opponent refuse to debate my candidate and a liberal reporter who covered our campaign caught my opponent campaign manager in a lie in which even made the evening news.  Today that would not even happen for a leftist Democrat campaign manager can lie all he wants and there will be no problem for him. The media would cover it all.

When Dan Rather broadcast a lie about George Bush national guard record during the 2004 election that could have changed the course of the election, he was called out by many pundits and blogger.  CBS investigated the aftermath of the story after it was debunked and fired Dan Rather and those responsible for the story.

After the Russian collusion hoax, Washington Post and New York Times won Pulitzer Prizes and after it was exposed as a hoax, no prizes were returned and even to this day not one reporter or broadcaster lost their jobs.  Many of those who perpetuated this hoax still appear on many broadcasts as experts.  No one ever paid the price.  Rather got fired and Rachel Maddow who added to her ratings promoting the hoax is still at MSNBC, still well paid.   

Real journalism still continues but not in the mainstream media.  Bari Weiss, Glenn Greenwald, and Matt Taibbi still practice their trade on substack and reach millions with their reporting.  (All three of these reporters are left of center but yet managed to report the stories that others will not touch.)

Glenn Greenwald often appear on Tucker Carlson, who was willing to allow an honest leftist journalist on his show and substack is the exception to the rule when it comes to journalism for real journalism is still practiced.

The media today is nothing more than state media, repeating the talking point of the Biden Administration and much of the political class. They don’t investigate or hold those in power accountable, instead they have morphed into being part of the political class understanding its role to promote the politically correct talking points while making sure that those journalists who buckThe the narrative are censored or sidelined. 

The twitter files demonstrated the close cooperation of the FBI, various other government agencies working with social media to censor stories not in line with the prevalent left-wing narrative and promoting their own agenda.  

As for the firing of Tucker Carlson and silencing him, Fox may be soon going into a different direction, but it would appear that it may no longer be the one mainstream media friendly to conservative causes or it will attempt to promote its version of establishment conservative and move way from the more populist wing of the right. The media is beholden to the political class and no longer the vehicle designed to hold the powerful accountable.

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