The Real Big Lie

In 2017, I was on a talk show as the conservative guest and I stated then that Russian collusion would be proven that a hoax, that we will find FBI abused the FISA courts and the Trump campaign was spied on.  I was proven 100 percent correct.  What Durham report showed that there was a concerted effort by Democratic Party, the FBI and CIA to first prevent Trump to win the 2016 election and using fake information to continue an investigation well into the Trump presidency.

Our law enforcement essentially became part of a partisan movement to stop a specific candidate and what we saw our FBI not only give up an investigation into Hillary Clinton pay to play scheme known as the Clinton Foundation, foreign donations, and her email server in which classified documents were stored.  Hillary Clinton originated the Steele Dossier to draw attention from her own legal problems. 

There have been congressional report, FISA reports on FBI’s abuses, Inspector reports, released documents, the infamous Mueller report and now the Durham report that all says the same thing, there was no evidence that there was any collusion between the Russians and Trump. 

What we now know is that Hillary Clinton campaign instigated the original Steele Dossier, and the FBI used this dossier as the basis for an investigation even though they were aware that the Dossier was bunk.  President Obama and Vice President Biden were briefed on this and many key players in the Obama administration know the dossier was fake, but it didn’t stop many of them like John Brennan from lying on various news broadcast for the next four years.

The Media cooperated with the FBI, to cover up the truth and for years, kept the lies alive while impeachment proceeded.  Obama and Biden could have short circuited by telling Democrats that Trump did not cooperate with the Russians and won the 2016 election honestly.  They did not and allowed the lies to continue. 

In 2020, there was a continued cooperation with media and law enforcements to censor news unfriendly to Democrats and the Biden campaign.  There was successful attempts to use the Covid to loosen election laws to eliminate guard rails for election security and why wouldn’t many Americans not believe that there were not massive attempts to rig the 2020 elections?

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