Poetry by Lauren Bies

(Ms. Bies is in Ireland and presently a  Graduate student at Trinity College, Dublin Ireland. M.Phil. in Film Studies and the Media Arts.  She has been a guest on Donelson Files and will be on our program over the next four weeks, plus look for her pieces on other issues.)


Out of Depth

I didn’t always know

I didn’t always care

I didn’t understand that innocence could leave one bare

I didn’t know you’d leave at my hesitancy from above

I’d only wished for safety, Strong arms to brace my fall

An illusion of a dreamer

Out of one’s depth alone



I found your journal by our past

Among your regrets and recriminations,

I read the pages of me

Illusions for what you thought I’d be

I left My journal by your heart to read for your beloved soul

Someday you’ll clearly see my words

I now lay faded upon your shelves


Flicker in One Eye

You didn’t reach out a hand as I tethered your ledge

I faltered on every word

I trembled as I shattered

Yet all you did was stare

Piercing were your eyes

I dreamed hoping one flicker would dawn in your blue eyes

In my descent I finally saw the darkness of your soul

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