Final Thoughts on Kavanaugh by Tom Donelson

Kavanaugh is now a Supreme Court Justice but what we witnessed was nothing less than smear campaign organized by the Democrats and the left to sink the reputation of a good man.  The more we are learning about all of this, the more we should realize that this was ambush that had nothing to do with truth.


While Kavanaugh is now confirmed, there are many questions that need to answer, beginning did Dr. Ford commit perjury?  Federalist columnist Margot Cleveland reported, “Most significantly, following Ford’s appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee, a former long-time boyfriend of Ford’s provided the committee a statement claiming that years ago he had witnessed Ford help her close friend, Monica L. McLean, “prepare for a potential polygraph exam.” Ford’s former flame added that his then-girlfriend “explained in detail what to expect, how polygraphs worked and helped McLean become familiar and less nervous about the exam…If the ex-boyfriend’s letter proves accurate, Ford risks criminal liability for making a false statement to the Judiciary Committee because  Ford unequivocally testified that she had never “had discussions with anyone, beside [her] attorneys, on how to take a polygraph,” and had never “given tips or advice to somebody who was looking to take a polygraph test.”


Grassley also received information that Ms. McLean may have pressured a witness to change her statement and Ms. Cleveland added, “In a statement to the Judiciary Committee, Keyser had stated under penalty of perjury that she did not remember any such party as Ford describes and did not know Kavanaugh. Yet she later did “clarify” that she believes Ford’s claim that Kavanaugh attacked her. Whether McLean, a retired Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, contacted other supposed witnesses or otherwise helped Ford craft her instigating letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein—or possibly leaked that letter—is unknown. Grassley seemed focused on obtaining the requested material. And if Ford won’t provide the information voluntarily, Grassley (or the FBI upon launching an investigation into whether Ford testified falsely before the Judiciary Committee) may seek subpoenas for the relevant material.”

So did Ms. McLean tamper with witnesses and what else did she do?  This story could unravel even further and American voters may be more convinced that Dr. Ford and other accusers lied about Kavanaugh and many Democrats will have to defend their no vote.  Of the political consequences, Cleveland warns, “Consequentially, Democrat senators who vote “no” later today will thus likely face an electorate a month from now that is less divided over Ford’s veracity. Rather, they too shall see a failed political assassination attempt of a now-seated Supreme Court justice…Democrats’ failure to consider the trajectory of Ford’s uncorroborated sexual assault claim was a huge miscalculation for red-state Democrats up for reelection. While it already appears that Sen. Heidi Heitkamp’s re-election bid in North Dakota is doomed, the more damage Ford’s tale takes—and the more individuals implicated in her last-minute attempt to derail Kavanaugh’s nomination—the more Democrats are going down.”


We truly don’t know what happened to Dr. Ford but it is apparent that she has no evidence that it was Kavanaugh who sexually assaulted her and as for others, Debbie Ramirez, there was no collaborating evidence and then there is weird case of Michael Avenatti and his client Julie Swetnick, the college student who cruised the various high school parties where gang bangs and drugs were prevalent.  Ms. Swetnick may have committed perjury and her interview on NBC, where she walked most of her accusation was a disaster and reinforced in the minds of many voters that she was lying and with her, the case against Kavanaugh started to collapsed.  Avenatti whose own goal is self -aggrandizement and not the benefit of his client, may have helped save Kavanaugh.  Michael Avenatti views himself a Presidential candidate in 2020 and his action is about showing he is a fighter and a leader of the resistance but his introduction of Swetnick was not only a disaster but it began the imploding of the case against Brett Kavanaugh.

The tactics used by the Democrats and the left were beyond abomination.  As Ms. Cleveland, the case against Kavanaugh has imploded with evidence that that any of the events Kavanaugh was accused even happened.  We saw a coordination of groups and the Democrats to smear Kavanaugh and do what it took to sink the nomination, now they will campaign against an illegitimate Supreme Court. The left forever will state there are two sexual predators on the court, which is rich considering that they tolerated a sexual predator in Bill Clinton for decades and willing to go after any woman who dared to accuse of him of sexual assaulting them.   Where are the metoo leftist when it comes to Keith Ellison or since he is one of them, is he off limits?  It is time for those on the right remember the Rules for Radicals and force the left to live up to their own standards.  There is far more evidence that Ellison committed abuse than Kavanaugh ever did. Yet the left and Democratic Party support his candidacy for Attorney General and the Minnesota Senators running for re-election this year have no only not condemn him but endorsed his candidacy.

Democratic Senator Tom Carper admitted that he hit his wife hard enough to give her black eye and he is running for Senator this year but where are the demands that he resign his Senate seat and not run for office?  When Dan Abrams Law and Crime website asked Democrats in August what they thought of Carper run for office and not one responded back.  Maybe when some Democrat complains about Kavanaugh, just simply ask them, “What about Ellison, What about Carper?”  And don’t quit until they answer! As the case against Kavanaugh imploded, the Democrats need to answer for their smear campaign and be forced to account for those among their own ranks who have their own abuse history to answer for.


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