Electoral College Thoughts from Twitter by Tom Donelson

Most countries adopt a parliamentary system which also have nothing to do with the popular vote, but is based on which Party or combination of parties can form a government. It is possible and does happen that the candidate wins the popular vote but still loses

The reason is simple his party did not have the enough MP elected to form a government outright and the other Parties that oppose his or her agenda forms the government.

View it this way, Right of center parties outpolled left of center in the 2016 elections when you count all of the minor parties, like the Green Party, Libertarian Party or Evan McCullough so can we then assume that Trump representing the right of center still should be President

We are a Republican and 60% of states and 90% of counties voted for Trump and EC is designed to represent the interest of the wider view. PS, the EC IS BASED ON POPULATION which is why California has more EC than Iowa. Education over.

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