Human Progress, the Reason Why by Tom Donelson (Thoughts on Twitter)

This is education time. For the past three centuries, we have seen this planet go from where life was brutal, short and nasty and progress slowly moving forward to a world where we have seen in much of the developed world where poverty is the exception, not the rule.

We have nearly 8 billion people and over the past fifty years, we have seen overall poverty declining world wide, wealth being created where in many countries, the Middle Class outnumbers the poor and even the poor doing better than what the Middle Class did in the past.

For the past fifty years, we have been told that world was going to hell only to be proven wrong time after time after time. The famous Simon-Ehrlich bet proves this point

Simon bet was not a sure thing since we were living in an era where government officials were concern about coming shortages and designing policies based on this flawed thinking but the advent of the Reagan, policymakers started to think about creation of wealth

The lesson here is thinking about creation of wealth, liberate human mind, which is the ultimate resource. When we move away from that, then we find ourselves back in the world in which poverty is the rule and a world in which the margin of error are virtually non-existent.

This is the difference between the optimist and pessimist. The optimist says liberate human mind and let see what happens. The pessimist says, bottle up progress, bottle up human mind and hope for the best. In their case, the best is poverty and the return of the dark ages!

From the very beginning, a good portion of the environmental movement was simply anti-people. From Paul Ehrlich book the Population Bomb, the goal was extreme population control with the idea of eliminating people.

The good news is that Ehrlich own predictions never came to pass as we are now feeding more than double the population better but then this is true of most of predictions of mass world doom, they proved false.

Green new apocalypse will prove just as wrong as the science girding it was as equally flawed as the previous apocalypse proved to be flawed. Remember when people talk population control, it deals with people of color first, Always does. Eugenics is the world

I have lived through at least five the end of the world scenario in which too many people lead to depletion of resources, world will freeze in a new ice age, we will all fry to death etc etc etc, we will never see winter and my favorite, the Polar Bears will all die off.

All proven false as the planet, get this, is actually greening!! Why were they wrong? Simple they underestimated human ingenuity and they are determined to stamp out human ingenuity with their stated policies of more government control and what I call Venezuela socialism.

Human mind is the ultimate resource and when liberated is capable of great things from discovering new sources of energy to great art! Policies that liberate the mind and allow human ingenuity to thrive, produces wealth beyond the imagination. It has so far. Human ingenuity not only allows for prosperity but also allows the flourishing of the arts and imagination.

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