Media losers in Mueller’s mess! Talking points

One of the biggest loser in the Mueller Report is the mainstream Media as they fail to correctly report the biggest story and even now, they are attempting to portray the Report as a vindication of their reporting as oppose the biggest media screw up it is.

1. With the exception of Fox News, most of the mainstream reported every rumor only to be exposed as partisan hacks as oppose to reputable journalists. View them as Democratic Operatives with byline and it all becomes self-explanatory.

2. The best reporting came from Sara Carter, John Solomon of the Hill, and Federalist among others who exist outside much of the mainstream. Sean Hannity was far more accurate than his counterpart, Rachel Maddow, who morphed into conspiracy nutcase before our eyes.

3. Last year on the Donelson Files, it was noted that Obama got twice as many positive story than negative stories according to Pew Research and NPR. For every 12 negatives stories, Trump only received one positive story. Obama positive stories were 8 times greater than Trump.

4. No matter how you cut it, this is beyond biased but much of the media has simply taken sides. Period. And unless they start looking at this story from different view, they will continue to cover up for Democrats and simply give you Democrat talking point.

5. New York Times to AP, Reuters new services and the Washington Post can not be trusted! Nor can CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC can be trusted.

6. Democracy dies in darkness when the Media simply work for one political Party and when the Democrats regain the Presidency, the Media will be nothing more than State Media.

7. Last week, the New York Times using data from Left wing sources detailed that most Americans got a tax cuts but noted the polls showed the opposite. Mainly because the mainstream media repeated Democrats talking points about the Trump tax policies. The Media lied about this for the past year.

8. There are other issues that the Media often get wrong since they merely becoming mouth pieces for one Party. The public loses in the long run but Media can redeems themselves by simply investigating Possible FBI abuses of the FISA to gain warrants spying on political foes. Will they or will they double down on what they already know to be false?

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