Mueller’s Report Talking Point.

Donelson Files will review the Mueller Files but also we need to reviewe other documents as well. My own observations is simple, the Mueller report could not make the case that Trump is not guilty of collusion nor did he obstruct justice. Anyone who says different is wrong,

1. This report was written by Democrat partisan which was essentially the Mueller team with the idea of making Trump look bad, they succeeded in parts of the report. You can’t view this report in isolation but in combination with others.

2. There are other reports that broaden the whole case includes FISA reports on Obama abuses of the Courts, Nunes report, the Graham/Grassly report and the Inspector General report on the Clinton investigation dealing with Email.

3. The latter investigation shows Comey to be incompetent Director whose FBI tanked the Clinton EMAIL investigation. One agent in one section told her fellow FBI agent that when questioning HRC, remember she will be President. Veil threat not to go hard or lose your job later.

4. Horowitz who did this report and the report on Andrew McCabe who proved to be a liar and fired for it, is still looking into FBI abuses. The investigators are being investigated and as IG report on Clinton showed, FBI had serious issues that need to be addressed.

5. Many of the agents who investigated Clinton, were part of the initial Trump collusion and they were already bias against Trump and viewed the FBI collusion investigation as their insurance policies against Trump.

6.. As other reports showed, The Steele Dossier was used to grant warrants even thought FISA courts may not have been informed of the source of the evidence namely paid for a political Party. There appears to be abuses of the FISA courts to gain warrants

7. There are plenty of sources for this including FISA Court own reports, Nunes and Graham/Grassley report.

8. Mueller report exonerated Trump on Collusion, case closed. Barr own view of obstruction is correct as Trump never stopped the investigation. It is hard to be guilty of obstructing justice of a crime never committed. There will be more on the Donelson Files Tuesday

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