From Lauren Bies, her talking point oppose to Mine.

  1. Your tweet here concerning media inaccuracies? In lieu of the gross information intentionally propagated by the WH and verified by the Mueller Report, one might limit themselves before they affirm WH lies.
  2. Furthermore, as we all understand any statistical report, and I am not referring to the Mueller Report…, I’m referring to any statistical report in general, there are always some measure of deviation.
  3. One might understand how many private citizens have built their careers and wealth as members of the Republican Party; however at this point a certain level of ethics must be assumed and if that isn’t possible? Then those citizens should not create further strife.
  4. However, with all due respect my friend, one cannot suddenly only choose only one branch of government to honor. One must begin to take one’s head out of their illusions and trust independent counsels; Justice Department?

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