Three views of Biden From Salena Zito

“Local Pennsylvania Democrats have done well here in the past two years post-Trump. The ones who have won statewide, like Sen. Bob Casey and Gov. Tom Wolf, have done so by running on local issues like infrastructure and health care and job creation. Same on the local level where Conor Lamb in Congress and Pam Iovino in the state Senate won as moderate problem-solvers campaigning in big Trump districts…There was no call to arms for third-trimester abortions, no New Green Deal support that would cripple the booming shale industry, no rallying cry for impeachment and no pledges for Medicare or free college for all…Mikus summed up her support for Biden neatly — and it is a sentiment shared by a variety of Western Pennsylvania Democrats longing for a win in 2020…“He has experience, he was an integral part of the Obama White House, he has presidential conduct, he is right on labor and he can win Western Pennsylvania,” Mikus said. “Win here and you’re the next president. It’s that simple.”

From Powerline Blog: April 26th by Paul Mirengoff

“Biden never had a good fastball. He finished near the bottom of his law school class at Syracuse University (and lied about this, as well as other aspects of his academic background). When he campaigned for president in 1988, he had to rely on words he stolefrom a British politician. He has been wrong about nearly foreign policy and national security issue for the past four decades, including even the no-brainer decision to kill Osama bin Laden in Pakistan…Biden never had success in any endeavor other than politics. That’s true of Bill Clinton and (mostly) Barack Obama too. But they are obviously intelligent (extremely so in Clinton’s case) and achieved the academic success that eluded Biden, to say the least..Biden deserves credit for becoming a Senator from Delaware at a young age. But his two attempts at the presidency were abject failures. If Barack Obama hadn’t needed a non-controversial white running mate with gray hair, Biden would have languished in the Senate forever. But there’s a problem. It’s not likely that Biden will run as a purely traditional Democrat. I haven’t heard him part company with the leftism espoused by the rest of the Democratic field. Rather, he’s apologizing for past manifestations of his traditionalism. Biden seems anxious to prove that he’s “woke” — that, in his late 70s, he finally “gets it I don’t believe Biden can do “woke” for a sustained period of time. I’m not sure he do it for a month. Moreover, the effort will only make him seem ridiculous and produce even more gaffes than we are accustomed to from the talkative former vice president…This suggests that Biden’s candidacy could go in either of two directions. He might become a laughingstock and, as such, crash and burn. Or Democrats (and eventually the electorate as a whole) might forgive, overlook, or laugh off his attempts at wokeness and accept Biden as a serviceable alternative to his wacky competitors (and eventually to President Trump)…In the latter scenario, America might well end up with a president who never had a fastball or much guile — a president who was always a mostly empty suit and who has shriveled with old age.” Roger Simon

“Biden will be forced to move left just to get nominated and likely say things he doesn’t believe in, probably forgetting what he believes in the process. After that, if elected president, he’ll end up doing some of those same things because of who put him there. That’s how politics works, here and everywhere else — a profession for unremitting narcissists willing to change their opinions at the drop of a vote or a check…But that’s not Biden’s real problem. It’s not even the economy, stupid. Or even the fact that’s he’s a multiple plagiarists, something people like me (writers) find especially abhorrent. (Who likes to be robbed?) It’s Ukraine, not to mention China. The man is corrupt to the core and the Democratic Party better hope he doesn’t get implicated in what is coming soon — the devastating investigation of the predicate of the Russia investigation. That investigation, which would make an all-time great movie that will, alas, never be coming to a theater near you because of the nature of Hollywood, nevertheless will be the story of stories starting in a month or two. It’s just beginning to unfold.”

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