Democrats Civil War from Red State, the Justice Democrats oppose Biden. This is who they are

From Dana Pico Redstate April 27,2019

The Justice Democrats, the Democratic Socialists of America, and ‘progressives’ in general seem to see a vaguely-defined socialism as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in her $3,500 photo shoot suit, a socialism in which everyone will be prosperous. They seem wholly unable to see socialism for what it actually has been in the history of the world, in a devastated and failed Soviet Union, in the impoverishment of North Korea and Venezuela today. North Korea had the same resources, the same people and the same culture as South Korea, yet the South’s capitalism has led to a very prosperous society while the Communist North has been unable to provide even a decent diet for its subjects.  Though ethnically the same — the Korean peninsula has seen very little immigration — North Koreans are physically shorter than their brothers in the South, and “we now see a situation where the average South Korean woman is approaching the height of the average North Korean man…In Venezuela, roughly 7% of the total population have fled the country, preventable diseases, including polio, have returned, and even the soldiers on whom Nicolas Maduro depends to retain dictatorial power are going hungry…That the Justice Democrats are all in for gun control seems appropriate; Hugo Chavez banned the private ownership of firearms in 2012, leaving the people disarmed in the face of the military enforcing President Maduro’s misrule…Only a fool would think that the same socialist ideas which have brought poverty everywhere they’ve been tried — and the People’s Republic of China avoided it only by becoming functionally capitalist — would somehow lead to prosperity in the United States.  But that’s what the Justice Democrats are: fools.”

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