Notes from Nancy Hartwell interview on Donelson Files

Interesting conversation on Human Trafficking with Nancy Hartman on Donelson Files. A few facts: 1. at least 30 million held against their will.

2. Slavery is against the law in most countries but it continues in these countries and some conservative Islamic country, legal

3. One country in which slavery and workers forced to work against their will. Qatar in which one death a day occurs to build stadium for World Cup 2022. Maybe we should 2022 World Cup, the blood cup.

4. Slaves work as sex workers, nail salons, shoe manufacturing and farming.

5. 200,000 estimated in US, come in through our ports or Southern Border.

6. Majority of victims under 18 but college aged women, and even some men or boys are also victim.

7. Discussed Female Genital mutilation

8. Ms. Hartman also details how to prevent it and what steps to take. Worth listening to today Donelson Files.

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