The following are tweets directed to a twitter friend about the firing of Susan Crockford who destroyed the mythology that Polar Bears are decreasing in numbers due to climate change and Michael Mann lawsuit against Tim Ball.

What I find fascinating is that Mann and others can equate Climate Skeptics with Holocaust deniers (thus the origin of the term deniers) and others phrases but criticized these guys, it becomes a court case. They can dish it out but not take it.

Plus their strategy of lawsuits is to bankrupt their opponents or silence them since they are not interested in a scientific debate. If they had a fair scientific debate, they would lose.

I would invite anyone to see various interchanges that alarmists get involved in with skeptics, alarmist more often lose. Even when they set the rules of engagement, their science is inferior.

I have seen Marc Moreno destroy scientists with ease. Most alarmist won’t debate skeptics and even Galvin Schmidt won’t go face to face after losing to Lindzen a few years back. If Skeptics science is weak, they should not be able to hold their own or defeat alarmists.

Finally the various thread I follow, I notice how these same alarmist who talk we must worship science supported the firing of Crockford and no where to be seen to defend academic freedom when Ridd was fired.

Yes not one alarmists on these threads found any mistakes with Crockford’s work. Enough said.

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