Progress how it is created Tweets November 28, 2019

Today lessons. First, the world is not going to end anytime soon (unless a asteriod hits like it did the Dinosaur 65 million years ago and I will be proven wrong but it will be by the hand of nature uncontrollable.)

Empiric evidence needs to be considered. The planet is greener, the world is wealthier, more people getting fed and only in those countries where corruption and Marxism ideas prevail are people truly starving in the street. Venezuela anyone?

In the developed world, poverty is the exception and not the rule. If the planet is greener (we can debate why, my own view is human ingenuity in managing the planet plus a little extra CO2 doesn’t hurt.)

On the day, we should be thankful for what we have and more importantly, following ideas that begin with the human mind as the most important resource and human freedom to pursue our dreams, our passon and liberate the human mind.

Our prospersity is not a forgone conclusion in the future since there is always that mindset that rules against human freedom and when they get in charge, poverty follows. We are one generation from extinction and one generaton from further greatness. The choice is ours

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