A O Ewen on the British Elections

A.O. Ewen author of (Un)limited by the mind

1. The election polls at the moment have the conservative part a decent amount ahead of Labour at the moment. Although we have seen in the past, that they are far from 100% accurate. A bad interview/tv appearance or something else could swing the pendulum in the other direction. 

2. I mean I think some people look along Boris Johnson as like our version of Trump, with his strange haircut and awkward mannerisms. He is I think reasonably honest though, for a politician at least and is doing his best to get Brexit sorted. Jeremy Corbin I feel has been putting a lot of obstacles in the way to stop Brexit. Whether we leave with a deal or without a deal, we should listen to the public’s decision and not waste even more time by having another referendum. He is passionate, but I also feel like he says all these things that people want to hear and then won’t actually fulfil these promises. Mind, Boris and others are probably the same. Promises and politicians don’t go together. Hi Swinson I feel is putting all of her eggs in one basket. All she seems to talk about is having another referendum on leaving the EU. That would just be ignoring the public’s original opinion and make the last few years even more of a waste. In my opinion, this and other things have pretty much made it a two horse race between the Conservatives and Labour. 

3. For the last few years all that has ever been discussed really is Brexit. There are many other issues that need to be discussed like the NHS, the benefits system and coming up with ways to combat the rising issue of knife crimes. 

4. I think a lot of people just want us to leave the EU, either with a deal without one. Years of no progress and constant stalling have made the people here sick. I for one have thought about leaving the country, just because the whole country seems to be constantly under a Brexit cloud that you can’t escape. The EU needs us as much as we need them, so it’s only fair that we come out with some good deals too. Nissan which employs thousands of people near me, has been surrounded by uncertainty, saying if we leave the EU without a deal, that people may lose jobs. Brexit could have a big impact on companies operating in the UK and so we need to make sure the deal is exactly right for businesses and the people of this country. 

5. I am from a little village near Durham in the north east of England. The north east used to be staunch labour supporters, but in recent years it’s becoming more divided and we’ve seen the Conservatives winning more seats.

 6. I completely agree with the statement that too much money and effort is spent on London and the surrounding areas, often leaving the north of England quite neglected. I think they think London is the be all and end all of England. It is not fair that one part of the country gets so much of the resources while we are left with limited opportunities to improve our health services and schooling. Mental health services are also limited in the north with long waiting times and a lot fewer therapists employed here. 

7. My debut poetry book is called (Un)limited by the mind and focuses on mental health. By typing in A.O.Ewen or (Un)limited by the mind on any Amazon site, you can purchase the book in paperback and on kindle. I wrote the book because although first it was hard to open up about my problems, I wanted to show people that they are not alone and that their problems can be managed and reduced. Mental health problems don’t have to be a life sentence. 

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