A few thoughts

Note how the main stream media have bad mouth the recent unemployment numbers by essentially saying they didn’t happen. For those who have followed my timeline would have not have been surprised.

First is that unemployment claims for the past five weeks have been dropping across the country. 75% of the states saw drops.

Second, that those states that open up quicker reduction in claims and the top eight states with the LOWEST unemployment claims were red states.

Third Nor any evidence that red states put their citizen at risks by opening up quick as no significant increase in death per capita versus Blue states. Top 10 out of 13 states with highest death per capita are blue states with Democrat governors.

Two of the states Republicans are governors, include the nominal blue states Maryland and Massachusetts that have heavy Democrat control of the legislatures. They have done as poor of job protecting their citizens as blue governors.

Red States overall have done a superior job in protecting their citizens and helping their citizens keep their jobs. Data has spoken.



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