More thoughts on very bad governors

There have been some great governors who understood the data and got the response right, Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem were two of those. Most governors have meddled through in some cases just lucky but there are governors who quite frankly blew it.

I will give the Donelson Files list of governors who shouldn’t ever be re-elected.

Among those governors begin with Walz of Minnesota who has been complete failure in handling the unrest in his states and his reponse to the virus. Minnesota has closed the economy and all of the red states in his region have out performed him. Only Michigan has done worse.

Cuomo policy of forcing nursing homes to accept covid sick patients in nuring home and this killed thousands. Cuomo then changed the procedure on counting Nursing home deaths to make him look better and now has scrubbed the original order. He has Debasio complete disaster administration to make him look better but his policy is responsible for the death of thousands.

Governor Whitmer has been equally as incompetent as Walz which is why she was consider a prime candidate for VP slot. Incompetence is not a disqualification in the Democrat party. She has killed seniors with her policy and acted like a little dictator.

I will put Charlie Baker, the governor of Massachuesetts the Republican who adopted the Democrat method of combatting the virus and his death per capita speak for itself

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