Djokovic wins number 20

We are witnessing greatness in Tennis as we witnessing the final endgame of who will be greatest of all time. Djokovic, Nadal and Federer have won 20 majors and since Roger won Wimbledon in 2003 for his first major, these three men have won 60 majors over the past 18 years. That represent 80 percent of the majors played over the period.

Roger is nearly 40 and I would be surprise if he wins another. Nadal is 35 and Djokovic is 34. They are still playing near their best despite their age. Normally, 34 is the point where men tennis player are on their way down but both players are still playing well and are still among the best in the game.

Federer last major win was Australia three years ago when he was 36 so we can assume that either Nadal or Djokovic have one or two more majors left in them and Djokovic is the youngest by one year to Nadal but appears to be better on more surface than Nadal who has won 13 of his 20 majors on the clay surface of French Open.

Over the next three or four years, the GOAT in Men’s Tennis will be settled.

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